Tap, Tap Place Back

    That's what we used to say when we had to leave the couch to go to the bathroom but didn't want to lose our coveted spot. Actually I think it was, "Place back. Blanket back." But this has nothing to do with that. I just liked the title. But on the newer laptops there is a cool way to right-click by using your mouse pad. Forgive me if you have an older computer that doesn't have this feature. I'm honestly not sure if it's available but you can try it.

    If you are using your track pad and not a two-finger mouse, instead of having to hold down control to "secondary click" (which is Apple's way of saying right-clicking) you can just tap two fingers on the pad and it achieves the same purpose. Nice. You may have to turn this feature on in System Preferences > Trackpad.